Willington Hills
Equestrian Center

  Proprietors: Ruth Gilman & Mark Forkey
34 Cemetery Road, Willington, CT 06279
Tel: (860) 684-4849 -- Email us!

Other Residents of Willington Hills Equestrian Center

I'm so gorgeous, I get two pictures!


Herby The Guinea Fowl

One summer, two guinea hens and a guinea fowl 'adopted' Willington Hills as their home. The hens have since disappeared, but the fowl, the male, has remained. He's an odd bird -- he sounds like a creaking aluminum screen door when he 'sings', and he tends to be shy. He lives behind the wood shaving pile when he's not out admiring his own reflection in the bumper of Mark's truck. He, like most guineas, loves the sight of his own reflection. He leaves gorgeous feathers covered in fine white dots all over the property.

Guineas are known for being prodigious insect eaters: they're originally desert birds from Africa that live on a diet of aproximately 80% insects and 20% dry grains like white millet. A flock of guineas can control ticks and other insects quite effectively, while providing eggs. Two guinea eggs are equivalent to one chicken egg. The Willington Hills guinea, however, hasn't provided much in the way of eggs, but he does scratch up insects around the barn.

And Herby's New Pal, the Bunny!

One day, a rabbit hopped out of the woods...and they've been buddies ever since!



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